Although currently there is no Mikvah in Mauritius, Chabad Mauritius is proud to be in the beginning stages of building the very first Mikvah in here on the island of Mauritius.

This beautiful Mitzvah can still be done now, by women in the Jewish community of Mauritius and  Jewish tourist women visiting the island using the beautiful, warm Indian Ocean as our Mikvah.

Should you need to use the mikvah during your stay, please contact Mrs Mushkie Barber: +230-5491-3095

For more information about the laws of Mikvah please visit

To donate towards the building of the Mikvah in Mauritius please click here.
Our sages teach us that the building of a Mikvah is even more vital to the spiritual continuity of the Jewish people than the building of a Shul. Indeed, Torah scrolls should be sold to fulfill this mitzvah.